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New FWS modules

I just posted the latest two FWS modules to the website store.

We have A113 "Intrigue at Battle Creek". This was a module that was playtested for the 1905 campaign and the playtest group had a lot of feedback. We finally got back to it and replaytested it last month. Since it was event time specific, we decided to release one last 1905 module.

Next is B201 "Le Paradis Perdu". This is our first 1906 module and premiered last week at Conn Con. It is also the first module by a new author to the campaign, Brian Martin. Some of you probably know Brian from the table as a great player and he is just as good of an author. His next module "Give Me Liberty and Give Me Death" will be out very soon as well.

You can catch both at Origins or Gen Con (Intrigue during wild card slots) or at a home game near you.

Sorry for the cross post for those on multiple lists.


Thenodrin Presents, LLC.

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