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Origins 2008 update

Online pre-registration for Origins 2008 events and badges has been extended to this Thursday, June 12th.  There are still tickets available to all but one of the 16 FWS modules (including 5 premieres!).  There are 75 tickets sold so far, so don’t delay, get yours now!


For the event that is full, Greased Lightning, we have added another table for the Thursday at 7pm slot.  That might not show up on the Origins prereg site before the deadline, but will be offered at the con in the onsite addendum.


We’d also like to note that while Ghosts of Shaitani (A110) is not required to be played before Hunt at Stella Point (A111), it does make a bit more sense if played in order.  To that end, we will be offering Ghosts in four more slots (Wed 7pm, Thurs 1pm, Fri 1pm, and Sat 1pm).  Again, those might not show up on the prereg site, but will be available onsite and in the onsite addendum.


Lastly, a couple folk asked what slots some of the authors would be judging their own modules at Origins 2008, those would be:

Wed 8am, Our First Opportunity

Wed 1pm, Crypt of Deception

Wed 7pm, The Village

Thurs 1pm, Tears Beneath the Mask

Thurs 7pm, Little Girl Lost

Thurs 7pm, Greased Lightning (may not show on the prereg site)

Fri 8am, Snakes on a Plain

Fri 7pm, Family Matters

Sat 1pm, The Rock

Sun 8am, Greased Lightning

Sun 8am, Hunt at Stella Point


I hope to see many of you there.  Stop by our booth #832 in the dealer’s room and check out our preview of our upcoming monster grimoire!





Thenodrin Presents, LLC.

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