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Origins 2008

I just registered for the module I missed on the Origins site. There are 74 tiks sold so far, but still openings in all but one slot. Since
every module plus the 4 premieres will be at Origins, it's a great time to grab those you have missed.

The one slot that is full is for Greased Lightning, which is a really fun module set in Detroit, Michigan.  Everyone I have talked to about it has enjoyed it and the neat thing about it was that almost every group had a slightly different solution to the adventure end.  See below if you want another table of Greaed Lightning run.

If you have a table of people who want to play a module that is full or just want to play it in a slot that it isn't offered in, we will do our best to accomodate your request at Origins.  During most slots, we have several judges who are familiar with numerous modules.

If you want to contact me off list and arrange a specific module for a specific slot and you have a group, drop me a line at and we will do my best to set it up in avance.  I have had one group take advantage of this offer to playa  module they wanted in a slot it wasn't offered (big thanks to JF for agreeing to judge that module that slot!).


Thenodrin Presents, LLC.

PS: Registration for Gen Con is also open and two of the seven FWS tables there is already full.

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