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Road Trip!

 We have FWS playing at four cons (still waiting for confirmation
froma fifth) and at least one game day over the next few weeks,
including our first international convention! Dominicon of the Dead
will be hosting four FWS modules in County Kildare, Ireland!

We hope that you can play the modules at some of them. If not, they
are available for order on the website (the premieres become
avaialble on Nov 19th).

Pentacon XXIII in Fort Wayne, Indiana, November 2-4. Tears Beneath
the Mask, Our First Opportunity (first time at a con, but not a
premiere), and Crypt of Deception (a Premiere!). Running 5 FWS slots
plus a Sunday pickup slot. Both judges at the con are the authors of
the modules (Jennifer Middleton and me).

MepaCon 2007 in Dunmore, Pennsylvania, November 2-4. Running Web of
Lies (4 slots), London Fires (3 slots), Snakes on a Plain (2 slots),
and Greased Lightning (a Premiere!, 2 slots).

U-Con in Ann Arbor, Michigan, November 9-11. We will be running
London Fires, Tears Beneath the Mask, and Snakes on a Plain over 5

Dominicon of the Dead in County Kildare, Ireland, November 9-11.
Four modules will be run in four slots, 2 tables per slot.

CARP Game Day: Saturday Oct 27th (Evolution): 1st slot, 11:30 - 4
FWS - Snakes ona Plain (Jody)


Thenodrin Presents, LLC.
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